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San Nicolas, 2009.
21 June 2009

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Libertad, 2009
13 June 2009

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Smoking Planes
21 March 2009

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12 March 2009

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La Policia.
1 March 2009

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The Sweet Seller.
23 February 2009

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6 February 2009

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View from Daulatabad
31 January 2009

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College St. Alleyways.
1 December 2008

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The Big Temple
21 November 2008

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The Child Soldier
2 June 2008

Recent Comments

barbod on San Nicolas, 2009.
very nice

Hercules on San Nicolas, 2009.
love the expression,a tough girl look with folded arms.

yaser on La Palma, 2009
nice landscape

Rakesh Vanamali on San Nicolas, 2009.
Intriguing display of emotion, very well captured! Btw, why no news?

Yan on San Nicolas, 2009.
Excellent portrait and the light is adapted and soft

Mohammad Darvish on San Nicolas, 2009.
the earing is beautiful and also the hair ...

Allan Clark on San Nicolas, 2009.
portraits are hard to shot this is well done

Hjulbentamannen on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
Nice picture

R.J.Dee on San Nicolas, 2009.
she looks quite sceptic - didn't she want to be photographed ? a nice portrait , anyway !

Godo on San Nicolas, 2009.
Hola SK, EL retrato me gusta, pero hubiera sido genial si pudiéramos ver algo más de su entorno, eso ...

jelb on San Nicolas, 2009.
Bonjour, very nice portrait..Beautiful framing, lightness..A pretty "model"..bravo!

Stunner on San Nicolas, 2009.
Nice photo.

Luis A. De Jesus R. on San Nicolas, 2009.
Porque tan triste?

Mr Tambourine on La Palma, 2009
Brilliant! very smooth composition of colours..taken beautifully

Mr Tambourine on La Palma, 2009
Brilliant! very smooth composition of colours..taken beatifully

yiannis krikis on San Nicolas, 2009.
I like the framing, the lighting, the location and her little smile

Richard_Irwin on San Nicolas, 2009.
I love the lighting and the pose here, there is a confidence about the shot that works really well.

Sandrine on La Palma, 2009
Beautiful! Love the colors!

peter on -
this is really good. excellent!

peter on Long Train Ride
very beautiful shot. like it a lot.

khadi on La Palma, 2009
Amazing landscape. I like how the trees and land are dwarfed by the ominous blue sky.

rajeev on La Palma, 2009
beautiful landscape shot !!!

Alex Ricario on The Field Trip.
wow! classic family picture!

pedro alexandre on Cinquera, 2009.
nice portrait, thow she was not too confortable.

tetsu on Cinquera, 2009.
Nice portrait! :-)

Calusarus on Cinquera, 2009
Nice light and an interesting posture, here : a beautiful shot !

Pavan Kaul on Cinquera, 2009
Nice capture!

ZoomLNZ on Cinquera, 2009
You have an interesting series of people shots. Well done.

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Cinquera, 2009
Great composition. Like the "v" for victory!

Bhong on Ellora
nice effect!

Stunner on Cinquera, 2009
Nice portrait. I want to see the fireworks!

Rajesh on Cinquera, 2009
Very nice, Victorious

John on San Marcos, 2009.
I hope the election had better results than the election in Iran. I like your docu-photos.

stephanie on San Marcos, 2009.
i love the contrast of the sky color and the protester.

Sugata on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
Lovely DoF!

shoti on San Marcos, 2009.
beautiful light and interesting subject. I think it would be better if you took the shot vertically :)

bm on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
cool framing and focus!

bm on San Marcos, 2009.
good shot, newspaper worthy docu-photo

amirreza on San Marcos, 2009.
nice subjct and light control

laur on Smoking Planes
Belle capture. Merci pour le commentaire laissé sur mon blog.

R.J.Dee on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
she seems to be happy about having caught a fish without a rod - nice picture

Marc on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
Lovely shot and great dof!

Xavier on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
Funny picture !

Thierry Masson on Lago Suchitlan, 2009
very beautiful smile, even if it is in the second plan

ninni on Libertad, 2009
It looks really nice!

Brian Mulkey on Fireworks.
Really amazing shot. Fantastic!

Sugata on Libertad, 2009
Such a peaceful looking shot!

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Cinquera, 2009.
Nicely done. A handsome crew indeed.

eyelevel on Depanneur.
...lovely photo, like a snapshot from a nostalgic time and place...

eyelevel on The Contest the image, the scene and the atmosphere i can only imagine whats happening..

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